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Prince Hall Shrinedom is over 117 years old. The red fez with the black tassel is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Shrine. The International Shrine family is composed of over 18,000 Nobles in over 230 Temples. Shrine Temples are located in the US, Canada, Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Germany, Italy, England, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mainland Japan, Okinawa, Korea and the Philippine Islands.

Prince Hall Shrinedom incorporates the fundamental concepts of the Masonic Order. Shrinedom is a Fraternal, Social and Charitable Organization. Fraternal because we use passwords and symbols to remind our members to continue striving for self-improvement; Social because we enjoy good times with our members, families and friends; Charitable in providing financial support, good and services at local and international levels.

The Shrine provides its members with leadership and information regarding voter registration and education, health and medical research, youth development, economic education and development, medical research and other programs.

Prince Hall Shriners donate liberally to many charities. A partial list of charities are the National Diabetes Initiative (ND), Shriners as Mentors (SAMS), Opportunity Grants to high school and college students, grants to universities and colleges, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the American Red Cross and youth camps.

Although our background and interest are diverse, we are bound together by commitments to help others and to have fun. Shriners are fathers, sons, grandfathers, brothers and uncles. We are janitors, clergymen, plumbers, physicians, professional sports players, mechanics, actors, attorneys, cooks, truck drivers, policeman, military members, nurses, musicians, postmen, salesmen, university president, CEOs, accountants, politicians and other professions. Some notable past / present Shriners are:

  • Tom Bradley (Mayor of Los Angeles)
  • Julian Bond (Civil Rights Leader)
  • Jerry Butler (Entertainer)
  • Joe Brown (Judge / TV Personality)
  • William Cash (Negro Baseball Hall of Fame)
  • Lionel Richie (Singer / Songwriter)
  • Walt Belamy (NBA Star)
  • Richard Pryor (Comedian / Actor)
  • Gerald Austin (Singer / Songwriter)
  • Jesse Jackson (President Rainbow Coalition)
  • Lawrence Joel (congressional Medial of Honor Winner)
  • Benjamin Hooks (NAACP National Director / Civil Rights Leader)
  • Thurgood Marshall (Associate Justice US Supreme Court)
  • Louis Stokes (US Congressman)
  • Harold Washington (Mayor of Chicago)
  • Lawrence Douglas Wilder (Governor or Virginia)
  • Andrew Young (Mayor of Atlanta & United Nations Ambassador)

Platta Temple No. 15 sponsors or has sponsored various community activities such as; Easter Egg Hunts, Youth Christmas Parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas Basket Giveaways, Youth Talent Pageants, Youth Scholarships and Book Grants and Voter Registration and Education Drives. We also donate thousands of hours annually to various charitable organizations.

The Temple meets on the third Thursdays of the month at 7:30PM.  Our meetings are held at 1614 Basin Street New Orleans, LA 70116. The primary requirement to become a Shriner is that you are or have been a Prince Hall Master Mason owing obedience to a Symbolic Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Freemasons, which trace their lineage to African Lodge No. 459. However, its is highly recommended that you remain a member of the Blue Lodge, York Rite and or the Scottish Rite. To become a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, there is no memory work required.

Fees: Creation (Initiation): $ 325  + fees
Reinstatement: $

Your decision to join the Shrine may be one of the greatest you ever make. To join us in our Noble cause and discover how great it is to be a Shriner, contact us at – one of the Nobles of Platta Temple will reach out to you and assist you in the journey of becoming a Noble.


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