Platta Temple Divan

Platta Temple Divan – 2017

Reginald Beaco Jr Illustrious Potentate
David Jefferson Sr. Chief Rabban
Freud Alexandre Assistant Rabban
Kernel Green High Priest & Prophet
Robert Johnson Sr. Oriental Guide
Randy Maneau Recorder
James Allen Treasurer
Eric Belfield 1st Ceremonial Master
Rory Askin 2nd Ceremonial Master
Tracy Segura Marshal
Cranston Ross Captain of the Guard
Morris Javers Outer Guard

Divan Imperial Officers

Noble Frederick Bell Imperial Convention Director
Noble Jackie G. Robinson Imperial Deputy of the Oasis
Noble Percy Dunbar Imperial Deputy Motor Patrol
Noble Warren Spears Imperial Deputy Director of Voter Registration
Noble Herbert Dunbar Imperial Deputy Bicycle Unit
Noble Ben Hanchett Imperial Deputy Convention Cashier
Noble Cornel Manual Past Imperial Deputy Convention
Noble David Belfield Imperial Legal Advisor
Noble Deshannon Shabazz, PP Imperial Director Chanter of Koran
Noble Patrick Williams Imperial Deputy Chanter of Koran
Noble Forrest Ricks, HPP Imperial Deputy Convention
Noble Sammie McGowan Imperial Deputy Transportation
Noble Edmund Melder Imperial Chief Deputy of Security
Noble William Atlas, HPP Imperial Deputy Transportation
Noble Charles Jackson, HPIP Imperial Deputy Cashier
Noble Richard Theodore, HPIP Past Deputy of the Desert / Oasis Emeritus

Desert of Louisiana Elected and Appointed Officers


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